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Culture Shock

Talk about culture shock! My first experience in the “civilian world” completely blew my mind. I was a Hospital Corpsman, FMF of course, for almost 12 years before I decided to give the civilian side a try. 

My first job was, you guessed it, a Project Manager for a construction company. Needless to say, structure and process were not that company’s strong point, but I learned to accept it.

Now that I am at Red Ladder Remodeling, I have been able to develop the processes that run the company and integrate what I’d learned while in the Navy to ensure that projects run as smoothly as possible. 

The support I’ve received from these ladies (at RLR) has made my transition from going to work wearing the same clothes as everyone else and constantly getting yelled at, to growing out my beard and working freely with no judgment -No offense to the Navy of course. I love what I do now and how I get to interact with clients, turning their bathrooms from (sometimes) glorified port-a-johns to spaces that look like something Elon Musk would want in one of his 45 mansions. 

I really loved what I did in the Navy, but this new chapter of my life is exciting. I love that I can take these projects and make them my baby. I love that I can work freely with no judgment. I love that homeowners smile when I tell them we are ready for installation of their new bathroom. I love the team I work with, and the family-based atmosphere we have. I am more than ready to drop my crows and pick up my measuring tape to give you the bathroom of your dreams. 

Danny (Danito)

Project Manager

Red Ladder Remodeling

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