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Saving Money Through Financing

When you think of financing, do you automatically think it’s going to cost you money? Did you know that financing can save you money and get your project completed faster?  For example, you can use our two-year deferred payment plan aka “24 month same-as-cash” offer. This means no payments or interest for two years, so you can enjoy your new, beautiful bathroom long before you need to pay for it.

In other words, if you have a $10,000 bathroom, normally you would expect to pay at least $200 a month with a traditional financing offer. With our 24-month same-as-cash financing option, you could use the $200 a month however you’d like and have no payments for 2 years -OR you can make payments during those 2 years, and have the project paid off before you are ever charged any interest!

This will give you the opportunity to use your hard-earned money on traveling or other projects while enjoying a new bathroom. With rising rates and inflation, the costs of goods and services are rising too, so now is the best time to get your bathroom updated. Financing allows you to lock in a price before inflation strikes again and allows you to get your project done faster.

I have worked hard to find some of the best offers in the industry so that we can offer them to you. We want to be your bathroom contractor, and are always finding new and better ways to make your dream bath a reality!

Get a Bathroom Transformation

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